The Ocean's most potent secret, shhhhh...this stuff is filled with tons of minerals and vitamins- Yes, it's Kelp!! One of the most beneficial beauty ingredients is said to be a natural detoxifying agent. "They say" Kelp is great for mature skin that needs toning, and could help with dry flaky skin.

Neem oil has been traditionally used for acne and has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

This soap has a 7 essential oil blend and the scent is DEEP EARTHY, and clean. No floral notes.

We found both men and women enjoy this scent. 

Our soap is made from Sea Kelp harvested in the Peconic Bay , Long Island N.Y.

To learn more about Peconic Sea Kelp, Please visit

Cornell Cooperative Marine Extension- Suffolk County

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